"If Hank can, so can you!"

Henrik Stenson achieved his childhood dream and so can you, as long as you believe in yourself. That's the message in Henke Golfmus/Go for it Hank!, a picture book for children and their grown ups that Henrik Stenson wrote together with illustrator and author Ebba Ómarsson. 

Throughout the book we get to follow Hank on a short round of golf. With every hole the reader gets little pieces of advice that shows you how you can reach your dream, no matter what your dream is. 

So what are you waiting for? Join Hank for a round of golf and learn the art of how to achieve your dreams.

Henrik's own Hank head cover and hand puppet has his own Facebook page "Around the globe with Hank/Henke Golfmus". Follow him around the globe and learn the latest news from him and his own favorite golfer Henrik Stenson. You can also help Hank to see the world by publishing your own Hank/Henke Golfmus pictures on the page and together we can travel around the globe… https://www.facebook.com/Henkegolfmus/

Henrik's profit from this project goes to Henrik Stenson Foundation.

Henke Golfmus is " Go for it Hank!" in English. 

Buy your own book/head cover here:  https://www.goforithank.com