Emma and I have always appreciated our good fortune in being brought up in Sweden in a stable and caring family environment and as we have traveled the world we have become very conscious that there are others far less fortunate who have had to experience serious hardships whilst growing up.

Having our own children - Lisa (2007), Kalle (2010) and Alice (2014)- we feel very strongly that we want to enable other children to fulfil their dreams, ambitions and ultimately their potential in life. Thankfully we have seen the amazing things that can be accomplished with very little encouragement where a benefactor is involved. Hence we set up our Foundation with the support of Sarah Skonby and Philip Barker (see Henrik's Team).

It is our intention to donate some of my winnings from golf to the Foundation and through this donate to various causes that can help children, with a dream and an ambition to match, by providing the initial spark to start them on their mission in life.

In addition to all this the family has taken on their own charitable roles. Lisa already sponsors a child – an orphan growing up in less fortunate circumstances – and Emma is on the board of the Tour Players Foundation, the charity linked to the European Tour.

The Henrik Stenson Foundation has so far been able to support The Childhood Foundation, Friends Foundation, SOS Children's Villages, FIFH and Kids Swing International.

The Foundation has introduced two annual scholarships, Handigolfer of the Year, to encourage disabled golfers in their progress in golf and life in general.

In 2017 the first annual Henrik Stenson Handicamp took place, a training camp for Handigolfers. This is a collaboration with the Swedish Golf Federation with support from the R&A. This camp is held the same week as Stenson Sunesson Junior Challenge. 

If you would like to get in touch about The Henrik Stenson Foundation then please send an email to foundation@henrikstenson.com.