Every year I host a junior tournament for the kids at my club, Barsebäck. I always try to be there for the prize ceremony as in my view it is important to support and encourage their everyday progress. I try to chat and talk to the juniors as often as I can to see how they are doing. It’s fantastic to see how the parents are there to support and help out with the organization and how highly the club values its juniors.

We enjoy a great tradition of excellent junior golfers. This is a position that we hope not only to maintain but to further in the future. Currently there is no shortage of talent and I and my fellow professionals try to set an example to inspire them to work hard on their games but also to ensure that they strive to be a good friend, to respect the game and their fellow competitors and to assume the responsibilities that go with being a golfer and a member at Barsebäck.

The event is usually staged during my summer holiday which is towards the end of July, I was happy to see all of you at this year's event and it was great fun to present the prizes, and I am already looking forward to next year.

The Junior Open 2020 takes place on Monday June 22. Be there!

So get your game ready! I hope I’ll see you at the course this summer!